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Never been here, Never felt this Do you here me Yah or am I on your blacklist? Thoughts keep running through my head and they persist Got me questioning the reason that I even, exist and I’m giving in, I’m … Read More »


  Intro Touched in a way that I never should have been, exposed to perversion before the age of 10 Supposed to be my family, it probably happened to them too I was so confused and I didn’t know what … Read More »


        ( window.MSReady = window.MSReady || [] ).push( function( $ ) { "use strict"; var masterslider_a340 = new MasterSlider(); // slider controls masterslider_a340.control('arrows' ,{ autohide:true, overVideo:true }); // slider setup masterslider_a340.setup("MS5ae164d58a340", { width : 1000, height : ... Read More »

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Credibly fashion fully tested manufactured products via cutting-edge imperatives. Globally orchestrate orthogonal services without e-business core competencies.